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MAN TGS-Based 6×6 Expedition Vehicle

In the event that you need to stack your family or potentially companions into one of the most proficient experience vehicles on the planet, you can’t just go down to the neighborhood RV business and find what you need. Or maybe, you’ll need to search out an outfit like the people at Germany‘s Unicat — who simply have divulged a shiny new, completely included 5-man undertaking rig called the Unicat MD56c 6×6.

To call this MAN TGS-based 6×6 undertaking vehicle solid may be putting it mildly. All things considered, it’s an apparatus so huge and proficient, it can even take a full-sized one next to the other ATV on its backside lift during transport. That size likewise means an inside extensive enough for up to five full-developed grown-ups — including a kitchenette, restroom with a shower, eating region, and a different dozing space — all upheld by a sun powered board cluster on the rooftop. What’s far and away superior is that its 540hp motor is taken care of by a 264-gallon gas tank useful for an incredible 2,050 miles of movement between fill-ups. On the off chance that you need to go to the darkest corners of the world in complete solace, the $1.5 million Unicat MD56c 6×6 will get you there and back again and will consistently be prepared for additional. Click here for more info.

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