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Litelok Flexi-U Silver Bike Lock

Litelok is a bicycle locking gadget that is lightweight and secure. As we probably are aware, the vast majority of these days bicycle locks are steel-made and can get very cumbersome and substantial as a result of the high evaluation steel they are made of. The recently discharged Litelok Flexi-U Silver is the universe’s first protection-approised, adaptable U-lock. Flexi-U isn’t just the first of its sort but is additionally half lighter than its showcase counterparts. With the Litelok Flexi-U, you will have stacks and more places to which you can bolt your bicycle, it can twist around road furniture, for example, trees, light posts, and telephone poles because of the protected Boaflexicore innovation. Likewise included are two keys on a treated steel link keyring, a lightweight drawstring convey sack, and two snares and circle wrap straps for fixing to the casing.

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