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Jeep E-Bike Is Going On Sale

For approximately so long as they’ve been in business, Jeep has been synonymous with exceedingly-capable off-street vehicles. However, their knowledgeby and large concerned 4×4 SUVs up to this point. But that appears to be about to trade with their ultra-modern and finest announcement, the Jeep e-Bike.

Unveiled during the Super Bowl in an ad presenting Bill Murray, it wasn’t entirelycleanwhether Jeep’s e-Bike — made in collaboration with QuietKat — changed into a one-off or something to be made available to the public. As it turns out, however, the brand is fully intending to sell this all-terrain two-wheeler starting in June. And it’s certain to be a warm ticket object with its 750-watt electric motor, 40-mile range, 4.8″ fats tires, Fire-Link suspension, and more. Pricing and availability have not begun to be unveiled, but you could sign on with Jeep for email updates.

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