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Audi RSR-7 By ABT

At first look, Audi’s RS 7 won’t appear to be the foremost formidable performance platform. Sure, it options a 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine that’s smart for around 592 power unit, however on the far side that, it’s your run-of-the-mine luxury sedan. That doesn’t sit well with ABT, a German tuner lauded for its sweetening of Audi’s fashionable platforms.

To bring the automobile into the globe of high-end automotive performance, ABT has determined to gift the RS 7 with some much-needed external (and internal) upgrades. The company’s aptly-named RSR-7, that demarcates its admittance into the lauded “R” Series lineup, has been boosted to a miraculous 730 power unit and 679 lb-ft of force, because of ABT’s Power R pack. although precise details on the car’s upgraded parts haven’t been free, it’s safe to assume that it’s undergone the same transformation as its predecessors, career upon a replacement exhaust, eu upgrades, associate degreed an increased intercooler to subsume the engine’s accrued output. to assist the automobile continue the road a touch higher, a collection of coil-overs and varied mechanics carbon parts are more, reducing the RS’s weight and enhancing its handling skills. you’ll be able to learn a lot of regarding the distinctive, limited-to-130 platform on ABT’s website. Wacth video!

ABT RS7-R | ABT Sportsline

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