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Introducing the Vidde Alfa Electric Snowmobile

Crafted through a collaboration between Swedish manufacturer Vidde and the renowned design house Pininfarina, the Vidde Alfa Electric Snowmobile stands as a testament to the fusion of style and sustainability. Priced at €26,200 (approximately $28,400), this electric marvel promises an exhilarating ride propelled by a robust 130 kW (175 Hp) motor and 400 Nm torque, capable of towing up to 270kg, all while emitting zero carbon emissions.

Swift Charging and Extended Range

One of the Vidde Alfa Electric Snowmobile‘s most enticing features is its swift charging capability, requiring only 3.5 hours to reach full capacity. With a range of approximately 100 km, adventurers can explore vast terrains with peace of mind, knowing that recharging won’t hinder their escapades.

Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond its impressive performance metrics, the Vidde Alfa prioritizes sustainability throughout its lifecycle. From minimizing CO2 emissions to utilizing recycled materials, every aspect of its design echoes a commitment to environmental stewardship. This dedication extends even to its thermal management system, ensuring reliable operation in Arctic conditions as low as -31ºF.

Futuristic Aesthetic and Collaboration

In addition to its eco-friendly credentials, the Vidde Alfa Electric Snowmobile boasts a futuristic aesthetic, courtesy of Pininfarina‘s design prowess. Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines of Italian automotive design, the snowmobile exudes both sophistication and functionality, embodying a vision of sustainable mobility.

Joining the Electric Revolution with Vidde Alfa Electric Snowmobile

With the Vidde Alfa Electric Snowmobile, the boundaries of traditional snowmobiling are transcended, ushering in a new era of adventure that harmonizes with nature. As the electric vehicle revolution gains momentum, Vidde stands at the forefront, offering a glimpse into a future where performance and sustainability converge seamlessly. Visit the Vidde website for more details.

Vidde Alfa - Official Launch video
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