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Vagabund Moto Transforms Land Rover Defender 90 into a Stylish Adventure Companion

In a bold departure from its motorcycle roots, Vagabund Moto, the acclaimed Austrian custom shop founded by Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl in 2015, has unveiled its latest masterpiece: a bespoke Land Rover Defender 90. Collaborating with off-road specialists Dakar Garage, this project follows the success of Vagabund’s previous ventures like the 944 Safari and Lada Niva.

The Land Rover Defender 90 underwent a meticulous transformation, beginning with a complete frame strip-down. Embracing Vagabund’s signature black-and-grey aesthetic, the SUV boasts flared fenders that house larger wheels and tires, complemented by new steel bumpers both at the front and rear. The interior has been rejuvenated with sport seats, Alcantara detailing on the dash, and a removable Bluetooth speaker cube. Notably, the bed features luxurious marble flooring, providing a touch of opulence to the rugged outdoors.

Under the hood, the Defender packs a newly rebuilt V8 engine coupled with a five-speed manual gearbox, enhancing its performance for leisurely beach drives and weekend coffeehouse trips. Vagabund Moto openly acknowledges that this Defender isn’t crafted for hardcore off-roading but rather for those seeking a stylish and comfortable platform for relaxed adventures.

Founded on a reputation for sleek, minimalistic, and ultra-clean designs, Vagabund Moto has successfully transitioned into the realm of custom automotive projects. The Defender 90 joins the ranks of their notable builds, including the VLADA and the Porsche 944 kit.

Despite facing delays due to the pandemic, Vagabund‘s commitment to their minimalistic style is evident throughout the build, from the bespoke red Vagabund badge to the fold-down windshield. The result is a unique Land Rover Defender 90 that caters to the spirit of adventure with a touch of luxury.

As we eagerly anticipate Vagabund Moto‘s future off-road and automotive endeavors, their Defender 90 project stands as a testament to their ingenuity and commitment to redefining adventure in style. Click here for more details.

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