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Mercedes-Benz x Moncler Project Mondo G Concept: A Journey to Zero Gravity

Two iconic luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz and Moncler, have embarked on a joint expedition to explore the unexplored and reach new heights with their latest creation – the Mercedes-Benz x Moncler Project Mondo G Concept. This collaborative effort combines the exceptional design language of Moncler’s signature puffer jacket with the characteristic features of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, resulting in a sculptural object of epic proportions.

Inspired by the concept of zero gravity, this art piece pushes the boundaries of earthly rules and imagines a new reality through art and technology. The flowing lines of the quilted textile of the puffer jacket contrast spectacularly against the angular design of the off-road vehicle, creating a fusion of opposites that celebrates the art of imagination.

Mercedes-Benz and Moncler‘s joint expedition is a celebration of their shared commitment to the luxury, pioneering spirit, and perfect functionality. The fashion for this voyage walks the line between sculptural and multi-functional, offering extreme comfort even in the harshest wilderness.

With their deep-rooted brand histories, Mercedes-Benz and Moncler are constantly exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of their respective luxury segments. The Mercedes-Benz x Moncler Project Mondo G Concept is a testament to their innovative design approaches and expertise, as well as their dedication to reaching new heights and exploring the unexplored. Click here for more details about Project Mondo G.

The Art of Imagination – A Mercedes-Benz x Moncler Voyage
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