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BMW i Vision Dee Concept

BMW is showing off its vision for the future of car entertainment with the i Vision Dee concept, an all-electric vehicle that is focused on experiences other than driving. This concept car is loaded with advanced digital technology, including the ability to change colors with up to 32 different exterior shades and the next generation of BMW‘s Head-Up-Display.

The Head-Up-Display on the i Vision Dee is combined with the Mixed Reality Slider, using sensors on the instrument panel to control the amount of information displayed in an augmented reality projection across the entire windshield. This allows the driver to customize the amount of information they see while driving, making for a more immersive and personalized experience.

In addition to its advanced tech features, the i Vision Dee also boasts a customizable welcome sequence that uses graphics, light, and sound effects when the driver approaches the vehicle. This adds to the overall luxurious and high-end feel of the car.

The design of the i Vision Dee is described by BMW as “reductive,” meaning that it has been stripped down to the essential three-box design and features the iconic Hofmeister kink. This minimalist aesthetic is intended to make the car more streamlined and modern-looking.

BMW will be revealing more about the i Vision Dee concept and its upcoming Neue Klasse design language throughout 2023, so stay tuned for more updates on this exciting and innovative vehicle. Click here for more details.

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