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Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine e-Trike

Oregon-based electric vehicle company Arcimoto has been bringing the future to the present with its line of sustainable transportation devices since its launch last year. With the upcoming launch of its first human-powered device—the e-trike called the Mean Lean Machine (MLM), Arcimoto is taking another step toward fulfilling its mission of advancing sustainability—and it looks like they’re having a lot of fun doing it.

Capable of turning corners with the angularity of a bicycle thanks to the company’s patented tilt technology, the MLM is an e-trike never seen before. Its easy ride offers an exciting and unique experience while offering higher traction and greater stability than a standard bike.

Unlike a two-wheeled vehicle, the three-wheeled MLM has 3 respective electric hub motors that put less stress on the drive chain. The pedal generator can charge the bike while not in motion, and together with the auxiliary battery, this tricycle can give you a total range of over 200miles (320km). Mean Lean Machine, which can carry one or two people, can make your city transportation both fun and efficient as a versatile transportation vehicle.

Pre-order now for $100 deposit

With the launch of MLM, Arcimoto claims it will be the first of its kind and will be best-in-class with some yet-to-be-disclosed features. The company keeps some details about the e-trike secret. This increases our impatience even more. You can pre-order your own Mean Lean Machine for a $100 deposit on Arcimoto‘s website. It is scheduled to go on sale in the last quarter of 2022.

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