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AOHI Magcube 100W Foldable Charger

The impressive AOHI Magcube 100W Foldable Charger is capable of fully charging a MacBook Pro in 1.8 hours! Providing fast and efficient charging for laptops, tablets, and phones with 100W power distribution, AOHI Magcube makes the charger smaller in size but more power-efficient thanks to its advanced GaN+ technology. With dimensions around 40% smaller than many 96W chargers, the device’s dual-port adapter using smart power distribution technology automatically detects the power source and optimizes the charging process to ensure that connected devices always get the best and most efficient charge.

Thus, it can provide high-speed and safe charging of two devices at the same time. Now you can fast charge two laptops or a laptop and a phone at the same time with peace of mind. An included USB-C cable with LED digital display supports fast charging and 480 Mbps data transfer with power delivery up to 5A and 100W. If you want to know more about the AOHI Magcube 100W Foldable Charger, click here.

AOHI Magcube 100W GaN Fast Cahrger
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