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Rugged Mountain Radio Rocky Talkie

Built with climbers, skiers, and hikers in mind, the Rocky Talkie is a license-free walkie-talkie and an excellent option for demanding activities where close team communication is critical. This compact radio with an unbreakable screen and designed for tough terrain offers a maximum call range of 25 miles (40km). For unlicensed use, its legally allowed maximum power is limited to 2 watts. With 5 easy-to-use buttons on the Rocky Talkie walkie-talkie, you will not have any difficulties when you want to communicate with your teammates. A full 3-day battery life ensures you stay in touch on your long adventures. Packed with an ultra-light Mammut carabiner, a spare hook to prevent falls, a rubber coating and a shockproof case, this super compact and durable walkie-talkie can more than meet your needs. If you want to learn more about Rocky Talkie, click here.

Introducing the Mountain Radio - Rocky Talkie

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