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Acpotel Night Vision Binoculars

Acpotel team completely overhauled the concept of binoculars and developed night vision goggles capable of seeing clearly up to 500 meters in the pitch dark. Acpotel Night Vision Binoculars have the power to bring life and light to the dark like never before in history. This compact binocular with a durable yet lightweight and shockproof silicone exterior offers 5X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom. It can deliver outstanding optical clarity with an infinity of 500m/1640 feet, even in the worst light conditions. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery of Acpotel Night Vision Binoculars, which also offers the option to choose between 3 impressive viewing modes through its 4.5-inch HD screen, can provide a full 8 hours of uninterrupted working time. Along with all this, you can store 1000 high-quality photos and 120 minutes of video thanks to its internal 8GB storage capacity. Click here if you want more information. Do not miss watching the video below.


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