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BMW Concept XM SUV

Fifty years ago, BMW‘s high-performance sector at BMW M GmbH unveiled the first-of-its-class BMW M1, ultimately proving to be one of a kind. Serving as the only and independent M model, German manufacturers want to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the most contemporary way possible. In this context, BMW introduced the Concept XM, the first electric premium model in the famous M portfolio.

With an all-electric range of up to approximately 49 miles (80km), the hybridized Concept XM runs on BMW‘s newly developed M Hybrid Drive System and features both a V8 engine and a high-performance all-electric motor, delivering a dazzling 750 horsepower and 737lb.-ft (999Nm) combined with torque values.

First of all, BMW has modernized the whole look for the sake of this striking concept. Sharpened in almost every corner, the angular exterior design opens into a spacious cockpit called the M Lounge. Complete with stylish carbon fiber details, interlocking carbon, and an illuminated headliner, this M model offers cutting-edge technology in absolutely every way.

BMW has pledged to produce half of its vehicles all-electric by 2030. Noting that the XM series models will come to life at the end of 2022, he leaves us to our imaginations about what might happen in 2023. If you want to get more detailed information about the BMW Concept XM SUV, click here.

THE Concept XM - All you need to know.
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