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Oura Ring 3 Smart Wearable

The smart ring side is not very active in the wearable product market. However, this area has not been forgotten. Oura Ring 3 is in front of us today. Oura‘s third generation smart ring model, Oura Ring 3, conveys what it can do compared to the second generation.

Of course, the product, which does not have a screen, can now measure the heart rate directly from the finger with the sensors it carries, has health features specific to women (for example, determining the menstrual period beforehand) and does not leave behind sleep tracking. As it would not be a surprise, the product, which can monitor activity and makes this more accurate and detailed than ever before with its new sensors, can even look at body temperature and now has a larger memory. In this way, more data / information can be kept in memory. The smart ring model Oura Ring 3, which has a titanium body, of course, is waterproof and offers a battery life of up to 7 days, can be connected to smartphones with Bluetooth LE technology.

The smart ring Oura Ring 3 will not stand out again. The price of the product, which will be sold on November 15, is at the level of 300 dollars. Due to this price and structure, the model is not expected to reach many people. However, developments in this area will be the basis for the wearable devices of the future thanks to new technologies. Click here for more details.

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