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Porsche eBikes Sport & Cross

As the automotive industry is eager to address its sustainable future, many manufacturers are seeking alternative means of transportation to enrich their existing products. In the past, it was mainly limited to quirky scooters and other two-wheeled motorcycles, but as electric bicycles have become more popular in the past few years, automakers have begun to see the handwriting on the walls. Porsche ebikes are a very good example of this situation.

After the highly anticipated Taycan Cross Turismo was unveiled, the Stuttgart-based high-performance automotive expert released a series of electric bicycles designed to cater to urban traffic needs. They are offered in two flavors, “eBike Sport” and “eBike Cross”, and they were developed with different riding environments in mind. In practice, this means that the former is equipped with Shimano EP8 motors, some integrated Supernova M99 LED lights, and a set of smooth-running tires, making it ideal for riding on the street. Speaking of the latter, Porsche provided it with a set of high-performance Magura-MT Trail disc brakes, a wide range of 12-speed Shimano XT powertrain, and Crankbrothers‘ adjustable Highline seatpost-a perfect combination that can crush monorails. They are available now, starting at $9,500. Click here for more details about Porsche eBikes.

Porsche Sport and Cross Electric Bikes - $12,000 E Bike

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