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New Sony Playstation 5 VR Controller

Sony will continue to bring the upcoming next-generation VR experience to the PlayStation 5, and by showing off the new Playstation 5 VR controller, it provides us with the most attractive appearance. Unlike the previous generation of PS Move controllers, which are similar to batons, the PS 5 VR controller has the appearance and specifications of a more modern virtual reality controller but has the functions of a PlayStation.

The PS5 VR controller has haptic feedback, which is essential for any VR experience in 2021. In addition, it also has a beautiful finger touch detection function, allowing users to perform more natural movements without physically pressing a button. The design of the controller is like a hybrid of a sphere and DualSense PS5 controller. Its design is ergonomic, comfortable, and familiar. However, since the VR controller borrows adaptive triggers from its siblings, its operating buttons, and analog joysticks, DualSense borrows far more than its VR opponents. Finally, the new controller includes tracking technology that will enable it to follow the upcoming PS5 VR headset. Pricing and release date have not yet been announced, but you can learn more about the PS 5 VR controller from Sony.


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