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Samaya ASSAUT2 ULTRA Extreme Conditions Tent

Although Samaya has only been established for a few years, the fledgling French outdoor brand has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing staples for tents and other outdoor equipment. These tents and other outdoor equipment staples are designed to be used in some of the world’s most unfavorable And the most intolerable place. By 2021, it seems that the company will make its debut along with the strongest and most exquisite expedition tent to date, Samaya ASSAUT2 ULTRA, and continue to follow the same path.

This four-season tent, which won the ISPO Gold Award in 2021, has 26.9 square feet of space and weighs only 2.16 pounds (or 980 grams). Its walls are made of double-laminated Dyeneema composite material with extended PTFE membranes. And the floor adopts CORDURA-reinforced corners and Dyneema building, sandwiched between two layers of polyester film. ASSAUT2 ULTRA also uses YKK Aquaguard zipper and ultra-light DAC carbon ring, designed to be erected in extreme positions, including the sides of cliffs or deep ice cracks. The Samaya ASSAUT2 ULTRA tent is sold with three Easton carbon ion poles, Swiss Piranha RT90 sardines, and repair kits. The suggested retail price is now about $1,925. However, the brand also sells the matching ASSAUT2 forecourt, which also has a strong Dyneema structure. in this way. An additional payment of US$540. Click here for more details.

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