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EXØD Monolith One Person Tent

While the term “self-isolation” has come to be dreadful for many in the last two years, it can actually be very beneficial physically and mentally when it is chosen voluntarily. EXØD has never stopped working for those who act with this idea. The impressive hanging Arc Tents they launched just a year ago are on everyone’s lips. Looking for a new way to gain a little more outdoor protection by reviewing these experiences, the brand introduced Monolith, their beautifully designed single-person shelter.

Pleasure, confidence, safety

Similar to the Arc Tent, the Monolith can be hung with a single hook. Whether you’re embarking on a great nature adventure or just wanting to spend time on the beach, hanging around in the hands of EXØD‘s reliable PARALL CARBN_ sticks will give you both pleasure and confidence. Monolith consists of high-strength polyester and water-repellent nylon, providing safety in all weather conditions. It’s impressive that it can stay perfectly dry while being environmentally conscious and incredibly tough.

What really impressed us was that the tent could be shaped in 15 seconds. Those who know know that if you are embarking on a long-term nature adventure, it is not always easy to find a suitable ground to set up your tent. The fact that you can install the Monolith almost anywhere you want minimizes the time you spend choosing accommodation. Spending time in nature creating a Monolith colony with your friends and family will create incredible and unforgettable memories.

Only 100 pieces

Unfortunately, only 100 pieces of EXØD Monolith suspended tent will be produced, which can be a good option for anyone who wants to have a private, secure, and single-person shelter. For this reason, we recommend that you act quickly. If you want detailed information, click here.


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