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Y6S Plus eVTOL Aircraft By Autonomous Flight

To date, most of the electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft shown are for one or two people. This makes the Y6S Plus of the British Autonomous Flight company quite unique. As the name suggests, its large cabin can accommodate up to six passengers, while the double rotor uses a “Y”-shaped structure to reduce complexity, two of which are on the wings and one on the tail. Six electric motors drive the rotor and are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can provide a driving speed of 80 knots and a speed of 125 mph. Therefore, it can complete the journey from Lower Manhattan to Kennedy in just eight minutes. Although there will be a pilot launch, the company plans to conduct fully automatic flights in the future. The composite material fuselage hides a ballistic recovery parachute to facilitate increase flight time. Click here for more details about Y6S Plus eVTOL Aircraft.

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