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NEC Lavie Mini Gaming Laptop By Lenovo

Before the release of Nintendo’s Wii U, game consoles were mostly forced to choose between portability and functionality. However, the floodgates are now open, thanks in large part to the great success of Switch and Switch Lite (the much more successful Wii U follow-up product), and some big brands have finally taken advantage of this seemingly new category. Lenovo is one of these brands and has just announced the impressive NEC LAVIE MINI gaming laptop.

Equipped with an 8-inch display, integrated keyboard, Core i7 processor, Intel Iris XE graphics, 16GB RAM, and 256GB SSD, NEC LAVIE MINI is a fully functional foldable PC — although very compact. Most importantly, the PC can also be transformed into a handheld game console by folding the keyboard behind the display and connecting the included removable game controller (it also supports third-party controllers). You can even dock it to the TV and connect it directly to the TV just like the Switch for full-size home games. There is no news on the price, but we will look forward to more information about this video game-focused release in the near future. Click here to visit the Lenovo website.


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