Modul Drill Concept By Holo Design

If need is the mother of invention, then convenience is like Uncle Cool-not essential in nature, but still commendable. However, especially in the modern era, convenience can actually distinguish certain inventions from competition, as is the case with Holo Design’s Modul Drill concept. At first glance, the device looks pretty standard, although it is both stylish and futuristic on the electric drill. However, after careful inspection, it was found that it was more than that. Yes, it is a drill bit, but it can also be transformed into a jigsaw or circular grinder in a few seconds, used to combine the three most useful workshop tools into one handheld device. Matching it with the fact that it is cordless, lightweight and looks good in multiple color schemes, this is the toolbox we would like to see built in the real world. I hope Bosch can attract attention and put this ingenious concept into practice. Click here for more details about Holo Design’s Modul Drill.


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