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In the first decade of the new millennium, TV manufacturers focused on size, leading to a steady increase in the square footage of ordinary home TVs year by year, although more and more high-tech companies have recently shifted to focus on clarity, color, and resolution. And smart technology. In the end, this has been replaced by more and more cutting-edge LCD and LED screens. Although the standard has been set incredible, South Korea’s LG once again managed to break the boundaries of the modern TV field with its debut. The new “QNED Mini LED” TV.

QNED Mini provides an unparalleled viewing experience with an impressive 1,000,000:1. Contrast, enhanced HDR quality, up to 120Hz refresh rate and nearly 2500 dimming zones. The Seoul company achieved this goal by using nearly 30,000 micro LED lights embedded behind the display and LG‘s existing NanoCell and quantum dot technology. Price and time to market have not yet been announced, although LG has confirmed that QNED Mini (one of the 10 upcoming 8K and 4K TV models) will be released later in 2021 and will be available in sizes up to 86 inches. Click here for more details.


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