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Audi RS6 GTO Concept

Audi Quattro, one of the most important names in the rally world, celebrates its 40th anniversary. During these celebrations, the Audi RS6 GTO Concept attracted attention.

Some vehicles have a special place in the automobile world. The Audi Quattro is one of these cars and has a very respected place in the rally world. The road of the wheel of this model has been 40 years since he first saw it.

Celebrations continue for this important anniversary of Audi’s racing cars with an all-wheel-drive system. The company introduced the new RS6 concept car prepared for this purpose. The car is magnificent in every sense of the word.

The base of the new concept car is the standard RS6. It is necessary to know that the standard version of this vehicle is a monster with 591 horsepower. The overall design of the concept car is reminiscent of the original Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO race car.

According to Audi‘s statement, apprentices at the Neckarsulm plant took over the development of the vehicle. Although the automaker did not explain the technical features of the vehicle, the image of the vehicle already contains enough material to talk about.

The paint of the vehicle shows that the classic colors and patterns, in general, are taken up in a modern way. White, one-piece wheel covers refer directly to the design used in Group B rallies. Red-toned center caps and the Quattro logo are also striking.

When we look at the front of the vehicle, we see a larger and wider grille. There are also GTO logos, air intakes on the hood, and red front details. At the rear, there is a wide exhaust, also inspired by IMSA. Such a large exhaust makes us think that the changes in the vehicle are not limited to visuals.

The 90 Quattro IMSA GTO had a performance very close to the current standard RS6, with a boost from 0 to 100 in just 3.1 seconds. If we see similar improvements to that vehicle in this concept, we may be faced with a real speed monster.

Inside the vehicle, details such as a six-point seat belt, safety cage, and racer seat stand out. Although the side windows have been thrown and replaced with safety nets, it is noticed that the front console is not touched. The vehicle is not expected to go on sale or enter mass production.

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