RD House

Sited on Chile‘s Rinihue lake, the RD House is masterminded to exploit the country scenes. The weekend retreat is involved in two rectangular structures. While its ground floor runs equally along the lakeshore to give each room a brief look at the water, a volume containing the main room is put above and pivoted about 90-degrees to manage the cost of the room security just as full perspectives on the Choshuenco Volcano. Their geometric shapes are clad in darkened lumber to enables the structure to blur into the verdant environmental factors and permit them to remain the primary core interest. Inside, harsh cut wood boards give the inside a tough refinement that supplements dark steel windows and nonpartisan outfitting. To continue living spaces associated with the outside, the two levels stretch out too far-reaching patios ignoring the neighboring lake.


Retro Themed Triumph Scrambler


Adventure Mate V2 Outdoor Multitool