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Heated Portable Trail Shower

Washing the day’s undertakings away can be troublesome when off-framework, with most shower frameworks being cumbersome, also a solitary gallon of water gauging more than 8lbs. Besides, H2O is a very valuable asset on stumbles into the desert or other parched atmospheres where this life-continuing fluid is rare to drop by. Also, it was these components that brought forth the advancement of Geyser Systems‘ new water-sparing, warmed showering framework.

Ideal for vehicle outdoors and overlanding, the Portable Shower with Heater approaches a pressurized arrangement that siphons water through a scour wipe, considering an unbelievably compelling cleaning framework that requires next to no water. Fueled by means of a 16′ rope that connects to a vehicle’s 12V outlet, this outdoors device flaunts an implicit warming framework that can warm the unit’s 3L (0.79G) tank to 95°F in as meager as 15 minutes. Further water-protection originates from the gadget’s stream control valve, which directs the rate at which water is administered, while the framework’s propelled siphon innovation bears reliable water pressure. Likewise furnished with a LED dashboard signifying when the water is prepared and a water-level sensor that cautions you when water is coming up short, this framework additionally loans itself especially well to cleaning rigging and camp dishes. Watch video.

Geyser Systems Portable Pressure Shower Video
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