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Balamutti’s 3-Wheel Supercharged Hypermotard

Built to contend within the 2020 Baikal Mile Ice Race, this distinctive velocipede was partly galvanized by the Z-74 driver “bikes” from Star Wars. Outfitted with a trio of wheels, every presented with its own freelance suspension and wrapped in tires fitted with inorganic compound studs. other than the trellis frame and one.1L L-Twin engine, very little to nada remains of the Hypermotard donor, but a number of modifications to the previous, and therefore the addition of a crank-driven centrifugal compressor running a belt and pulley-block system soft-bo up in-house by Balamutti. On prime of 3 natural event fenders, a custom bobber-style seat, Speeder-inspired controls, and a custom exhaust, the foremost distinctive custom part on the build — that is entitled “Yondu” — is its front suspension setup which is formed of a Sachs mono-shock married to custom-fabricated front swing-arms. It’s undeniably associate odd vehicle, however it’ll nearly actually be right reception once it faces off against the competition at the frozen 10° C Russian lakebed venue.

Peloton Exercise Bike

Peloton Exercise Bike

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