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The OMNIS-DUO Portable All-in-One DJ System

If you’re looking to transform any location into a party venue instantly, the AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO is your go-to companion. This portable, all-in-one DJ system is a powerhouse designed for DJs on the move. With its sleek design, versatile features, and wireless capabilities, the OMNIS-DUO is set to revolutionize your DJing experience.

Portability and Playability

The OMNIS-DUO is designed with portability in mind, easily sliding into a backpack for on-the-go DJs. Its compact size, modest weight, and rounded corners make it a breeze to carry. The 2-deck + mixer layout ensures a familiar and comfortable DJing experience, while the touchscreen with switchable light and dark modes allows for visibility in any setting.

Built-In Battery

No power supply is needed! The built-in battery provides up to 5 hours of playtime, perfect for outdoor parties or events without accessible power outlets. For extended play, the Eco mode conserves battery life, and you can recharge using the AC adapter or a compatible power bank via the USB Type-C terminal.

Flexible Audio Output Options

The OMNIS-DUO introduces new possibilities with its Bluetooth audio output function. Whether you’re playing at a campground, the beach, or connecting to a vehicle sound system, the options are limitless. Professional XLR output and RCA terminals cater to different venues, offering versatility for various setups.

Bluetooth Audio Input

Collaborate and expand your musical experiences with the OMNIS-DUO‘s Bluetooth audio input. Invite friends to connect their phones and seamlessly integrate their tracks into your set. Control volume, EQ, effects, tempo, Hot Cues, and scratching, just like with tracks from other sources.

Support for Multiple Music Sources

Play music from almost any source – USB drives, SD cards, PC/Mac via USB Type-C, or through Wi-Fi. The OMNIS-DUO supports Link Export and CloudDirectPlay, providing access to tracks on a PC/Mac, smartphone, or the cloud without wired connections.

New Design

With an indigo color inspired by denim jeans and a sleek silhouette, the OMNIS-DUO looks at home in any environment – from professional events to spontaneous outdoor parties. The minimalistic top plate design adds a touch of sophistication.

Other Features of OMNIS-DUO

  • 8 types of Beat FX
  • 6 types of Sound Color FX
  • 8 Hot Cues per deck
  • Dedicated Beat Jump buttons
  • Dedicated Beat Loop controls
  • 2 Mic inputs
  • Booth output (combined with master RCA)

Priced at $1,499, the OMNIS-DUO is a compact, 10-pound powerhouse that unleashes your DJ creativity. Watch the video below to witness its capabilities and get ready to experience wireless DJing freedom. Visit the AlphaTheta website for more details.

OMNIS-DUO portable all-in-one DJ system Walkthrough
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