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Clicks Creator Keyboard Case: A Tactile Revolution for iPhone Users

In a tech landscape dominated by touchscreens, the Clicks Creator Keyboard emerges as a game-changer for iPhone enthusiasts yearning for the tactile feel of a physical keyboard. Crafted by keyboard aficionados Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk, this innovative keyboard case not only reunites the iPhone with a QWERTY layout but also revolutionizes the way users interact with their devices.

Efficient Design and Functionality

The Clicks Creator Keyboard seamlessly integrates a backlit QWERTY layout into a slim iPhone case, freeing up valuable screen real estate without compromising on style. Designed for the iPhone 14 Pro, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max, the case exudes a minimalist charm with a nod to the iconic BlackBerry circular keys. Constructed with vegan leather, polycarbonate, and silicon, the case ensures durability and a sleek aesthetic.

Enhanced User Experience

Beyond aesthetics, the Clicks Creator Keyboard enhances the iPhone experience by introducing keyboard shortcuts reminiscent of traditional computers. Commands like CMD + H for returning to the home screen and CMD + Space for Search empower users to navigate effortlessly. The case supports pass-through charging, providing an additional port for convenient charging without removing the case.

Future-Ready Features and Accessibility

Clicks Technology is set to launch the Clicks App on the App Store, consolidating additional features and functionalities. Users can expect access to iOS shortcuts, a voice command key for Siri, and other capabilities, further cementing the Clicks Creator Keyboard as a forward-thinking accessory.

Price and Availability

The Clicks Creator Keyboard Founders Edition is available for order now and comes in vibrant BumbleBee yellow or monochromatic London Sky. They are priced at $139 for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro models, with shipping starting on February 1st and mid-March, respectively. The iPhone 15 Pro Max edition, shipping in early spring, is priced at $159, requiring a $30 deposit. Founders Edition owners enjoy VIP support and early access to upcoming color options.

The Clicks iPhone Keyboard Case redefines the iPhone experience, offering a tactile solution for users craving a physical keyboard. With its sleek design, enhanced functionality, and commitment to future updates, Clicks Technology has created a must-have accessory for iPhone users seeking efficiency without sacrificing style. Click here for more details.

Clicks: A Real Keyboard For The iPhone!
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