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Zens Liberty Wireless Charger

Most wireless chargers only have one coil in the middle. To make the most of this limited space, you need to position your device correctly, otherwise, you may have to go to work or school when you wake up with an uncharged phone. Thanks to the increased active charging area of ​​the Zens Liberty Wireless Charger, you can make wireless charging more practical and really simple and solve this problem at its root. Having a beautiful design, Zens Liberty has a transparent, tempered glass cover that allows you to see the wireless charging coils inside. You can watch the full 16 coils in action to ensure your device charges quickly.

Unlike other charging stations, which usually only have one induction coil per charging area, with the Zens Liberty‘s 16 overlapping coils you won’t need to ask the question, “Have I placed it in the right spot?”

You can charge two devices at the same time in the Zens Liberty Wireless Charging station. It automatically regulates the power delivery and sets the optimized fastest charging speed.

The built-in USB-A port can be used with Apple Watch, Apple Air Pods 1, Samsung Watch, etc. You can turn this wireless charging station into an Apple Watch stand with an Apple Watch module, which must also be purchased separately.

Liberty has enough power to charge both of your devices to the maximum thanks to its 15 Watt and 60W USB-C PD-certified power adapter with its braided USB-C cable. Click here if you want more information.

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