Lego Vespa 125

Lego has recreated the legendary Vespa 125, the world’s most iconic scooter. Inspired by the classic 1960s Vespa, this unique model kit contains 1106 pieces and is a wonderful, authentic model that, when completed, exudes glamor and style with a small slice of La Dolce Vita. In the model where the Italian icon Vespa 125 is presented in pastel blue; a variety of stylish accessories are also not forgotten, such as a basket, helmet, spare wheel, removable hood, engine, a working handlebar, as well as an awe-inspiring footrest. If you want to buy the Vespa 125 set of Lego, which has succeeded in conquering the hearts of enthusiasts with its Lego Technic models as well as its architectural and iconic models, click here.


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