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Michelin Pilot Sport EV (Electric Vehicle) Tires

The entire automotive world seems to be electrifying, right down to tires. Michelin announced their Pilot Sport EV tires, which are the first tires produced by the company, designed to meet the specific needs of electric sports cars.

The joint venture is derived from Michelin’s experience in Formula E racing, the company’s Formula E tires have been used for many years. Pilot Sport EV uses the same ElectricGrip composite technology as Formula E tires. This technology uses a hard composite material in the center of the tread to provide adequate grip for the high torque generated by electric vehicles. The tires also provide dry and wet traction, which will affect the weight and weight distribution of electric vehicles. Their road noise is reduced by 20%, so as not to disturb the low-noise and silent compartments of electric vehicles. Their low rolling resistance can extend the mileage to 37 miles. Michelin has obviously done a lot of research and development on Pilot Sport EV tires, and when it comes to EV-specific performance tires, they are likely to be the first word-not the last word. Click here for more details.


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