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AR Controller By Facebook Reality Labs

Augmented reality (AR) is still a long way from widespread adoption, but Facebook is already researching novel ways to control it. Its solution is a wrist-type wearable EMG, which can convert the motor nerve signals that move your hand to digital commands. As a result, this AR controller can measure finger movements as small as 1mm and simplifies everything from the on-screen keyboard to shooting games. In addition, it also applies to those who have lost limbs, opening up roads for the disabled. As a development device, there is currently no commercialization plan. If you want to learn more details about this AR controller by Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) just click here.

“Imagine being able to teleport anywhere in the world to have shared experiences with the people who matter most in your life — no matter where they happen to be,”

says Andrew Bosworth, who leads FRL.


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