YETI Crossroads Luggage Collection

Since starting to produce high-end radiators, YETI has developed into one of the major players in the field of outdoor equipment. The brand’s new Crossroads Collection continues this development trend, this is YETI‘s first foray into the luggage field.

This product series covers many areas and distributes items suitable for all your packaging needs. There are three sizes of backpacks of 22 liters, 27 liters, and 35 liters, all of which have a simple design and many convenient pockets. There are also two 40-liter and 60-liter duffel bags. These are designed to maintain their shape and include partitions and modular compression straps, making them ideal for long trips. The second is really serious travel equipment, there are two rolling suitcases: one is the size of 22 inches for carry-on, and the other is the size of 29 inches for checked luggage. The complete series is a series of traveling cubes, sold in small, medium, and large sizes. As YETI expects, this gearbox can handle almost everything, except for cubes, which are made of durable and stain-resistant Tuffskin nylon. Most of the YETI Crossroads Collection can now be ordered on the YETI website.


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