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Packtalk Ski Communicator By Cardo Systems

For skiers who like to travel in groups, there is nothing more annoying than trying to chat with a friend on the mountain. The phone is usually dead, there is no signal, or you have to take off your gloves to talk, which is also troublesome. Enter Cardo Systems Packtalk Ski, the ultimate winter sports communicator. The device uses a mesh internal intercom system that allows skiers to communicate with up to 15 people when cutting up the slope. The maximum range of each unit is 1 km, and the talk time is up to 8 hours. You can also play music directly from your smartphone and answer or make calls when your phone is in your pocket. The volume is automatically adjusted according to speed and wind noise. Click here for more details about the Packtalk Ski.

How group communication can completely change your skiing experience
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