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Jetboil Stash Outdoor Cooking System

If any backpacker worthy of salt knows one thing, it is that space becomes very precious whenever you are ready to run more on the road. Therefore, your needs will usually be prioritized because you want to bring a second layer of mid-layer wool or use a hammer to set up a tent, and you will eventually have to pay for this because of the extra weight.

However, if you are savvy about the items you carry, you can reduce the weight of some larger items. For example, Jetboil‘s newly released Stash portable camp stove. As the lightest cooking system in the brand’s history (only 7.1 ounces), its clock frequency is 40% lighter than similar products. More importantly, it has been specially designed to allow its components to be nested within itself, and has space for burners and fuel tanks, and can stand upright in the main pot. Moreover, when you think it can boil 500ml of water in 2.5 minutes, Stash becomes some serious lower-level packable camping equipment. Click here for more details.

Meet STASH | Lightest Ever Backpacking Stove System

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