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Hyperkin RetroN Sq HD Gaming Console

Game Boys have grown up and are ready to play with the older boys. After years of testing, Hyperkin finally launched the RetroN Sq console-a high-definition game console that can play Game Boy cartridges. Hyperkin RetroN Sq console uses open-source software to run Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, and the beta function also provides Game Boy Advance compatibility. The console contains Hyperkin‘s “Scout” wired controller (a clone of the SNES gamepad), which is connected via USB. The output of the console is HDMI, so if you want to see the appearance of the 720p pixelated Tetris, now comes the opportunity. The switch on the back of the console allows you to switch between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, which is undoubtedly a feature that purists will like. Therefore, please remove the dust from those old Game Boy cartridges, because the $75 RetroN Sq is expected to be shipped from Hyperkin on March 25.


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