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For those who are just starting out, CHERRY is a manufacturer of mechanical keys that makes some of the most popular keyboards in the entire computer industry. Although their best-selling STREAM was revised in 2019, the brand put it back into use, upgraded it, and integrated it into the new CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP series. This version of the satisfactory mechanical STREAM has several major changes. For starters, it is now completely wireless-equipped with a 2.4 GHz low-latency connection, and high-precision experts around the world are looking forward to this acclaimed brand. In addition, it is also equipped with CHERRY SX scissors technology to ensure a seamless, precise, and completely quiet typing experience. This version of the keyboard now also comes with its own wireless keyboard, which also has a low-latency connection, a silent mechanical switch, and an ergonomic profile. CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP keyboard and mouse set is available in black or white. Click here for more details.

CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP | Kabelloses Tastatur und Maus Set

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