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Dacia Bigster SUV Concept

Dacia has launched a new SUV and we think it is great. The company stated that it represents the “very essence” of the SUV, “no more, no less than necessary.” There is no disguise here. What you see is what you get. Dacia Bigster is more attractive, exuding a sturdy appearance, a wide front face, flares on the wings, and a grill with strange light and shadow features. The SUV also took the opportunity to show the public the new Dacia logo, which is also more stylish and modern, but consistent with Bigster‘s radical aesthetic style (still a prototype), but will be put into production soon. Powering Dacia Bigster is a combination of alternative energy sources or hybrid powertrains, but an all-electric model is an obvious possibility. Click here for more details.

New Dacia Bigster 2021 | Concept 2021 | SUV-C

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