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Goat Hub 70 Super Rugged Cooler

Goat Hub 70 is a modular cooler where you can carry extra material along with food and drink. The high-performance rotary mold cooler houses four integrated boxes that are completely empty or prepackaged with the items you need for your activities. Detachable storage compartments, perfectly thought-out and positioned storage areas for storing essential survival gear, dry items, fishing gear, or a range of tools you’ll need at camp. You can also buy these storage compartments as ready-made with themed kits. Thus, a first aid kit, basic shelter, and boxes filled with all kinds of other equipment are sent to you prepared with the materials you may need in these areas. Isn’t that much storage space enough for you? There is also a cargo net on the front for your extra storage needs. The durable Goat Hub 70 cooler itself offers 59 liters of storage space and can protect your ice for 8-10 days. If you want to get detailed information, click here.


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