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SKINNERS 2.0 is an Ultraportable Footwear

SKINNERS 2.0 is a super adaptable, 4-in-1 moderate footwear with a lightweight, weatherproof, yet solid plan. Stuffed with a punctured insole, dependable polymer sole and useful filaments. Intended to stay aware of you regardless of what experience you drench into. The footwear that is anything but difficult to utilize, transport, and keep up without relinquishing solace, usefulness, fit, or well being. The item that adjusts to your body, enacts each muscle and ligament and lets your feet do their thing. To just let you move unbounded.

Because of the conservative size and “second skin” feeling SKINNERS 2.0 is the ideal footwear for sports (short runs, exercise, yoga, water sports) and functions admirably as a couple of reinforcement shoes (traveling, outdoors, climbing, cycling). Extend and actuate your feet! SKINNERS 2.0 adjust to your body, enacts each muscle and ligament and let your feet do their thing. Slip-and cut-safe out soles give you the ideal grasp, even in wet conditions, and help remain protected around sharp corals. All things considered, SKINNERS 2.0 aren’t planned to totally supplant your ordinary shoes. All things being equal, consider them an expansion to your shoe rack and preparing instrument for your feet that reminds you what is normal for your body. Click here for more details.


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