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Columbia Men’s Facet 45 Outdry Hiking Shoe

Outside footwear and its road centered options have started to impact, and with an organization like Columbia amidst this progress, we realized that it wasn’t some time before we were skilled with a contemporary model that could be worn anyplace from the runway to the path. The latest expansion to the organization’s practical footwear setup is in all honesty the Facet 45 OutDry — a flexible path shoe that channels elaborate plan decisions from its city-smart partners.

To intensify the shoe’s quality on the path, Columbia has presented a remarkable, waterproof OutDry material, just as ballistic material innovation, welded overlays, and coordinated bands for a stand-out fit. The shoe’s grippy outsole is supplemented by a settled inside impact point, foot-supporting pad, and a Techlite lightweight padded sole, furnishing wearers with unmatched solace and backing as they put in the miles on their most loved curve. Therefore, the shoe embraces a naturally “advanced” look, aligning it with may of the single-piece contributions that we’ve seen from organizations that emphasize only on metropolitan road style models. Notwithstanding, the Facet 45 appears to be similarly as suitable on the path for what it’s worth in the city, making it an alluring recommendation for the individuals who are hoping to overcome any barrier between the two.

Columbia Sportswear | OutDry Footwear Spring '13

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