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Serial 1 eBicycles By Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson has introduced a new two-wheeler, but this is not a motorcycle. Harley-Davidson, which wants to influence the market more than ever, aims to win the hearts of bicycle users with its offspring brand Serial 1. The two main models, Mosh / Cty and Rush / Cty greet the electric bicycle community with three variations of the Rush / Cty model (Regular, Speed, and Step-Thru). All Serial 1 models and variations; They are pedal-powered city bikes with mid-drive electric motors, integrated batteries, and unmistakably Harley-Davidson design language. Each comes with an electric motor that can generate 250W of continuous power and reach a top speed of 20 miles (32km) per hour. Their batteries take around 4.8 hours to fully charge, and they can offer a range of 35 to 105 miles (56 to 169 kilometers). Also; There’s also a 1.5-inch LED display so you can see your driving mode, speed, odometer, battery level, and headlight status. You must watch the video. Click for detailed information.

Introducing MOSH/CTY from Serial 1, Powered By Harley-Davidson

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