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Hyundai Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) Elevate

A year ago, Hyundai acquainted the world with its imaginative Elevate idea. Charged as a definitive crisis reaction machine, the alienesque vehicle highlighted four transcending mechanical legs mounted with some rough off-road tires. Get the job done to say that nobody anticipated that Hyundai should convey on something so space-age it could feature a science fiction film.

Nonetheless, with the declaration of its Silicon Valley-based New Horizons studio, Hyundai obviously implies business. Driven by Dr. John Suh, the off-shoot undertaking will intend to make the world’s first-since forever transformer class of vehicles. Named an Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), the Elevate is ready to change transportation for eternity. For however it may appear as though something hailing from Cybertron, it could offer various true advantages. Take, for instance, its application in crisis circumstances. As a result of its mechanical legs, the Elevate could explore territory that would leave more conventional salvage vehicles abandoned. Yet, it could likewise go about as a reasonable alternative for those without admittance to a slope, strolling straight up to the entryway and permitting wheelchairs to move on in. Furthermore, with the capacity to move over a five-foot divider or scaffold a five-foot hole, the Elevate will take away street lovers to once out of reach regions.

Project Elevate | Hyundai

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