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Garmin Descent Mk2i Smart Dive Watch

Garmin‘s notoriety inside the universe of specialized, GPS-focused wrist wear is unparalleled, and it’s generally realized that the brand’s submerged models are best in class regarding identifiable measurements. Presently, the brand is supporting its setup with the all-new Descent Mk2i Smart Dive Watch — a wrist-worn PC that sets with its T1 Transmitter to convey exact tank pressure information to the jumper.

Advertised as a framework with sufficient group following abilities, the Mk2i dive watch uses a progressive sonar-based correspondence framework that is said to usurp regular air-combination models as far as unwavering quality and reach. Incidentally, this SubWave sonar tech can assist jumpers with observing colleagues a 10-meter range, giving modern data on tank pressure, broadcast appointment remaining, and gas utilization. Contingent upon the sort of plunge that is occurring, the Descent Mk2i will record measurements dependent on temperature, time, rising/plummet rate, and N2 stacking, showing the data on its 1.4-inch full-shading show. Pair this with the Garmin Dive application, and you’ll have an instinctive method to reference the entirety of your measurements sometime in the not too distant future, like top-side wellness trackers. We’ve just skimmed the outside of the pristine’s Descent Mk2i, so head to Amazon — where it’s recorded for $1,300 and up — to find out additional.

Garmin Descent Mk2i and T1 Transmitter: Air-integrated Dive Computer

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