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Cowboy 3 Electric Bicycle

Cowboy have overhauled their mainstream e-bicycle with a carbon belt and cut safe tires. The Cowboy 3 Electric Bicycle includes a secretive look and a variety of strong great structure includes that will make your movement drive a breeze. The smooth and ground-breaking e-bicycle is outfitted with another carbon belt, a removable key-made sure about battery incorporated flawlessly with the casing, coordinated lights, a backlight that flashes when you moderate your speed, pressure-driven circle brakes, and offers up to 40 miles of unassisted range from a 3.5 hour charge time. The insightful speed and torque sensors kick in the engine help framework for when you need a lift. Weighing just 35 pounds, the lightweight bike accompanies a going with application that highlights auto-open, air quality checking, and crash location, in addition to a robbery identification work, which will advise you whenever your bicycle is moved by another person. Accessible now for request in total dark and two shades of dim: anthracite and mineral. Watch the video.


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