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Filson & Helinox’s Camp Furniture Collection

Since 2009, Helinox has been delivering great, travel, and open-air favorable packable furnishings. On winning seven Red Dot Design Awards (and two ISPO Awards), the organization’s generally decade-long history has included joint efforts with various significant style and open-air brands, for example, NEIGHBORHOOD, Heimplanet, and Danner boots. Be that as it may, for the Spring/Summer of 2020, Helinox has another coordinated effort in progress with top of the line legacy brand Filson.

Accessible in “Solid Tan” of “Light Shrub Camo,” the Filson x Helinox Outdoor Furniture Collection has included three things: the Tactical Sunset Chair; the Tactical Hard Top Table; and the Tactical Cot. Every one of the three things include strong DAC aluminum post outlines and are developed from 600D polyester and nylon gum. The bed and the seat can likewise each help an astounding 320lbs, regardless of tipping the scales at simply 5.06lbs and 3.25lbs, separately. Each sold in a conveying case, every one of the three contributions are constrained release models, and as such are accessible in restricted amounts, and gloat a slight premium over the non-community oriented adaptations of the three Helinox things. Evaluating is set at $165 for the table, $195 for the seat (in tan, $205 for the camo print), and $450 for the bunk, with all things accessible for buy now.


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