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Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Powered Headphones

Battery life is among the most important features in any wireless, noise-canceling headphones. Urbanista puts your head in place of a charging station, using a brand new solution is developed for this situation, with its new on-ear model in Los Angeles. Urbanista Los Angeles headphones have Powerfoyle solar cells integrated into the headband. So, wherever and whenever you’re exposed to light, whether you’re indoors or out, your headphones are charged without you feeling it. These great headphones, which can be said to offer “almost endless usage time” in theory, can last up to about 80 hours, even if they are left in the dark for a long time. Other features of Los Angeles wireless on-ear headphones, which you can charge with USB-C, are; ambient mode, hybrid active noise cancellation, Siri and Google Assistant support, on-ear detection, and Bluetooth 5.0 support.

You can control and monitor Los Angeles via the Urbanista app on your phone, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Check your Powerfoyle sensor, battery life, tips for using the device, and update the firmware as well. Click here if you want more information.


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