Osma Portable Coffee Brewing System

The ascent of case based espresso machines has made the morning routine somewhat more instinctive, however for reasons unknown, this prompts a lot of plastic waste. To cure this, Osma has concocted a patent-forthcoming framework that uses biodegradable units to make the ideal, economical cold-mix in less than two minutes.

Presented as the Osma Portable Coffee Brewing System, this smooth gadget tries to stop the inefficiency of customary machines. Rather than zeroing in on the set up serving-per-unit framework used by different producers, it uses a blend of weight, submersion, and flow to make more than 20 cups for every charge, protecting every espresso’s interesting flavor simultaneously. In case, you’re not keen on high quality mixes from the brand’s accomplice, Chromatic Coffee, you’ll even have the option to present your own special beans (or teas) through void emphasess of Osma‘s biodegradable cases, permitting them to be reused in a more cognizant way. Head to the organization’s site to get one of your own for $185.


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