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Lightform LF2 AR Projector

Make amusement park-level embellishments with the great Lightform LF2, the primary projector intended for expanding reality. Regardless of whether you produce occasions, plan insides, or simply need to add a computerized establishment to your home or office, Lightform gives total answers for making vivid, anticipated AR encounters. The noteworthy LF2 AR projector gives all that you have to make enchantment with light, it packs a PC inside, just as an RGB/IR camera, permitting it to naturally make profundity maps. Joined with Lightform’s Creator programming, anybody can make stunning projection planning shows in little to medium estimated spaces. In the event that you effectively own a projector, Lightform additionally sells the LFC Kit, which works with practically any ordinary or short toss projector for making a similar level enhanced visualizations. Watch the video.

Lightform LF2 and LFC | Design Tools for Projection

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