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HIMALAYA’s Newly-Revealed Winter Experience Center

HIMALAYA has become famous inside the universe of secondary selling tuning and customization with its bespoke Defender constructs, offering invested individuals the chance to get the rough terrain prepared Land Rover they had always wanted. Presently, the organization is hoping to grow that experience much further, expanding into elective regions of boondocks customization, and use, with its own one of a kind Winter Experience Center.

Situated in Alpine, Wyoming — one of the world’s chief boondocks investigation territories — HIMALAYA‘s recently uncovered Experience Center is scheduled to change our attitude toward what a guided visit ought to be. The organization has enrolled the assistance of Troy Johnson, a specialist rough terrain driver and boondocks direct who’s been modifying considerable vehicles for more than a quarter century, to make an armada of substantial snowmobiles, permitting singular riders to handle the zone’s lovely, snow-shrouded territory. Like HIMALAYA‘s lineup of bespoke Defenders, the organization wants to adopt a similar exhibition arranged strategy to make a once in a blue moon understanding for members, gifting the winter-prepared vehicles with re-built suspension frameworks and different changes. Head to the organization’s site to get familiar with the HIMALAYA Winter Experience Center, book your own snowmobile visit for $180+. Watch video.


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